Bite Correction


Looking for a bite correction Orthodontist?

Dr. Gochnour is a graduate of the Roth Williams International

Did you know that without proper bite alignment your teeth could shift after having orthodontic treatment? Many long term treatment failures can be attributed to misdiagnosis of care and not always poor cooperation.

Orthodontics corrects your smile cosmetically, but bite correction and orthodontics is a health service provided by a Roth orthodontist.

A Roth orthodontist looks at facial esthetics, dental esthetics, functional occlusion, periodontal health and a healthy TMJ. A Roth orthodontist has taken an extensive advanced course in functional orthodontics in addition to the 2 extra years of specialty after dental school. In addition to the standard x-rays, Dr. Gochnour will mount dental molds on an articulator to study the functional relationship between the teeth and joints. Another part of his philosophy is to typically start treatment when braces can be placed on the twelve year molars which has an enormous effect on the functional jaw movement.